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Get cash to your vulnerable customers quickly

… in partnership with the Post Office.

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    … in partnership with the Post Office

    Many businesses and local government organisations across the UK are struggling to navigate the post-pandemic world.

    With a cost of living crisis well underway and frequent price hikes to the energy price cap, many vulnerable customers will struggle to obtain access to financial support.

    Recognising the increasing demand for a quick, easy and secure cash dispensary solution, our team of experts at Zunoma have worked with the Post Office to develop Payout and Payout NOW!.

    As two established, high-end services that enable energy companies, local government organisations and independent businesses alike to make quick and easy payments to their UK customers, we are proud to say that our platform has already helped over 18.3 million individuals across 11,500 Post Office branches nationally.

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    Payout & Payout NOW!

    Whitepaper contents

    • Within this whitepaper, we’ve collated everything you need to know about making one-off payments and repayments to your customers in these tough times. Payout and Payout NOW! highlights how efficient and secure it is to get cash to your vulnerable customers with nearly 200 businesses now on board. Find out how you can join them.
      • The development of our innovative financial access technologies
      • Helping those hit by the energy crisis
      • Additional support packages from the government
      • How does the Council Tax Rebate alleviate financial pressure?
      • Our commitment to cultivating secure service solutions
      • The history of Payout and Payout NOW! solutions
      • The difference between Payout and Payout NOW?
      • How the process works
      • Payout NOW! role in crisis management
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