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Zunoma uses a combination of overt, covert and forensic security features to create documents that can be authenticated and verified. We can incorporate a range of security features into document design to ensure it is fully protected and resistant to counterfeit or misuse. 

Unique, innovative techniques

Pioneering technology

Technology in the security print industry is continually evolving and our team of experts ensure that they are at the forefront of developments. Security features are carefully selected for their suitability and are combined and built up in layers to provide the best possible protection. From microtext and watermarked paper to holograms and reactive ink we can deliver the highest levels of security without compromising on the end-user experience.

We have developed many new unique technologies and techniques over the years and at the heart of our growth is our ability to continually innovate in our sector.


Supporting customers across all sectors

As well as producing secure documents we can also provide applications that can verify paper documents. These include taggent ink readers, linen testers, online and mobile apps and visual feature guides. As verification for documents becomes more widely requested, these tools can support customers across all sectors.


Trusted worldwide

Trusted worldwide to design, print and distribute documents for awarding bodies and electoral commissions as well as financial and commercial institutions.

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