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At Zunoma, we offer a complete electronic and printed payslip distribution service. Working with FTSE 100 companies and worldwide organisations to provide everything from self-service web portals, pressure seal pay advice slips and P60 and P11d tax forms, you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are secure, reliable and effective.

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Secure printed solutions

Using innovative technology we can guarantee that confidential and sensitive information is shared safely and securely. Our team is adept at working at pace to ensure that we meet deadlines in a timely manner – our customers feel confident in the knowledge that we have rigorous approval processes in place to provide a smooth and seamless experience.

“It’s really been a pleasure working with yourself and with Zunoma colleagues. It’s been one of the easiest, smoothest, most rewarding projects I’ve had to handle here, and we’ve worked so well together” Laurent Alidieres – Payroll Supervisor – Plastic Omnium

Bespoke web portal


A bespoke web portal that is designed to integrate seamlessly into employers’ existing systems, Epayslipsecure works with all established payroll software and there is no need to install any new software. It simply works as an extension of the company’s existing systems, with an identical appearance. Read our blog about how digital payslips will benefit your business by clicking here.

Epayslipsecure is also a two-way communication tool with the functionality of a company intranet and employee self-service facility. Both employers and employees can access all payroll-related data at any time, such as P60s, P11Ds, past payslips, sickness & holiday forms, as well as documents like staff handbooks and health & safety information.

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Our solutions

  • Accept data from all established payroll software,
  • Offer digital output via App, smart phone, tablet, SMS or browser,
  • Offer Secure Print generation of whole or pressure sealed payslips for delivery to Head Office, site or employee home address.

The benefits of outsourcing payslips

  • Reduce costs (Lead times for approximately 60,000 payslips has been reduced from 1 week to 1 .2 days, with associated savings of £55,000 in reduction on resource costs),
  • Negate the need for stock items such as envelopes,
  • Employee self-service,
  • Guaranteed Compliance,
  • Part of your Business Continuity plan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you work with?

Pressure seal pay advice slips

Unlike other types of mailers that require heat or liquid for sealing, a pressure seal document is sealed through pressure. Folding aligns patterns of cohesive, which is applied to edges of the form during manufacturing. Advantages are:

  • Simplified Mail Preparation
  • Eliminated Buying& Storing or Custom-Printing of Envelopes
  • Faster Mail Processing
  • Improved Postal Processing
  • Protecting Confidentiality and Security.

Self-service web portal

A self-service portal is a website that offers information and resources to help users find answers and resolve their issues. A self-service portal is also an extremely efficient way of outreaching to employees, improving communication, thus employer-employee relationships.


A P60 is a statement outlining the tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions you’ve paid over the previous tax year. If you’re an employee, you’ll receive one at the end of each tax year. It’s important to keep this end-of-year certificate safe in case you ever have to prove the amount of tax or NI you’ve paid in the past. If you’ve lost your P60, you should be able to ask your employer for another copy.

P11d tax forms

A P11D is a HMRC form on which employers are required to report taxable benefits (such as a company car or private medical insurance) made available to employees which have not already been included in the payroll. It also provides an employer with the opportunity to report and pay any employer National Insurance Contributions payable on non-payrolled benefits.

What are some examples of easy-to-read payslips?

An easy to read payslip should have a format and language that is clear and concise with all the relevant information. At Zunoma we can produce payslips in large type or braille to offer a fully inclusive service.

What is a payslip?

A payslip is a formal document usually issued once a month, (but always on or before payday) that records the amount you have been paid and various deductions such as tax and national insurance. Payslips provide proof of earnings, tax paid and pension contributions. Payslips can be printed or provided in a digital format.

What is Zunoma’s payslip solution?

There are many payslip solutions. Ours is unique in that it integrates seamlessly with all established payroll software. It works as an extension of the company’s existing system and has an identical appearance. This negates the cost of purchasing new payroll software to upgrade. 

How does payroll software automatically generate payslips?

Payroll software integrates with other core business systems to ensure that employees receive accurate, on-time compensation in the appropriate manner. Human Resources typically access the software to edit personal information, payment preferences, and other details. Once payroll has been run, a report will be produced and the system will either have an internal or external printer to supply physical payslips or a software solution to provide digital payslips.

What is the cost of payroll software?

There are many solutions on offer, typically priced on number of users –  For growing businesses, scalability should be the focus. For these organisations, monthly subscription and per-user pricing are ideal as they can provide required features as the need arises. Finally for large enterprises, quote-based and software bundles are the pricing plans of choice as they come customised and have more features that big companies need.

How do I determine the best HR and payroll software?

First consider the number of employees and whether this is likely to grow, does your current payroll software allow for digital payslips – even if this is not a consideration now then it will be in the future. Do you need anything else such as an employee self-service facility or the ability to communicate and share information with your employees.

Is email safe for sending employees their payslips?

We would not recommend emailing a payslip, having a secure portal with unique logins is preferable to protect PII. If you choose to email payslips, you need to ensure that they are all password protected and sent directly to the employee’s chosen email address. It is very important that a unique password is used for each employee, as using the same password for all employees could be considered a breach of GDPR

What software do you use for payroll?

In a recent poll, the top 4 were Sage Business Cloud, Quickbooks Intuit, Kashflow & Xero. Zunoma can work with all of this software to produce physical or digital payslips.

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