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For the online* & offline validation of documents and valuables via a dedicated mobile app for Android™ devices.


eValidate app

How it works

The app decrypts a code implanted into a certificate that has been personalised with data such as student name, grades, photographs, or unique identifiers for luxury goods or works of art. The app reads the code and displays the data on your screen. If the data matches the physical certificate, then the document is confirmed as authentic.

This makes it easy for employers or recruitment agencies to verify qualifications are bona fide and shoppers can be reassured that the goods they are purchasing are genuine.


  • Education Certificates
  • Training Certificates
  • Brand Protection
  • Luxury Goods
  • Clothing
  • Works of Art
  • Reporting structures to suit the analytic needs of your business.

*Requires a mobile data or wireless data connection.

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Available as a free download

If your document contains text only, the app will work fully without an internet connection – ideal for, say, a ranger in a game reserve to check the credentials of a tour operator deep in the bush. This is because the unlocking of the encrypted data takes place using the scanner function within the app itself.

If your document contains a photograph of the individual to whom the document relates, then in addition to the app decrypting the data held in the 2D-encrypted barcode or encrypted QR code, it will locate the image on an associated database, but only when connected to the internet.


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