How Payout NOW! services can benefit your local community


How Payout NOW! services can benefit your local community

Posted on 02/08/2021

Statista reports that in January 2021 there was a huge 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide.

We are increasingly reliant on digital accessibility and because of this digital security is vital.

The Payout NOW! service from the Post Office, is a simple and secure resource that makes accessing cash an increasingly inclusive process for your customers. It removes the requirement of having a bank account to access standard financial support.

Zunoma – Cultivating solutions

At Zunoma, in addition to the proactive strides we take to innovate and be ahead of the curve in our secure print service delivery, we also pride ourselves in offering tailored, reactive solutions to our customers.

Following the tragic events in 2017 at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, where sadly 72 people lost their lives, and 151 homes were destroyed, the Post Office was tasked with providing cash payments to the survivors and the victim’s dependents.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, The Post Office recognised that there was a need to devise an emergency cash payment solution that could be called upon in situations that urgently require immediate cash dispensary options.

We are incredibly proud to have worked in partnership with The Post Office to ensure that such a service is now in place. As an extension to the popular Post Office Payout® service called, Payout NOW!

The Payout® service is commonly used by businesses to issue payments, incentives, energy top-ups or refunds to customers, without the associated time and cost of issuing cheques or organising payment transfers.

Payout NOW! Is for one-off or emergency payments, creating and despatching vouchers in real-time for immediate use. This is an ideal service for local government, councils or charities working with vulnerable individuals that may not have access to a bank account.

Why use Post Office Payout® / Payout NOW!

  • Identity verification for added security
  • Unique reference codes for customers that can be scanned in any branch
  • Secure single-use barcoded vouchers

How does it work?

  • Send an auto-generated unique reference code to your customer by text, email or post.
  • Customers can visit any Post Office branch; the barcode is scanned and the customer can pick up their cash.
  • Use Payout® for your multiple or known payments. For a one-off, or emergency payments use Payout NOW!, vouchers are created and despatched in real-time for immediate use.
  • Customers don’t need a bank account and with 11,500 branches nationwide they’re never far away from a Post Office.


If you would like to find out more about this service and how it can benefit your business or community, click here.

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