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Simplify payroll processing with Pressure seal payslip printing

Posted on 15/02/2024

In todays fast paced printing environment, organisations are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations to improve efficiency. One area where efficiency is particularly important is payslip processing. Traditional methods of printing and distributing payslips can be time consuming, labour intensive and prone to errors. Pressure seal payslip technology supports businesses in the simplification of the process saving valuable time and resource.

What is pressure seal payslip printing?
Method of printing and sealing payslips using specialised forms and equipment. Unlike traditional payslips which require separate envelopes for mailing they feature self-sealing adhesive flaps that are activated when pressure is applied during the printing process. This eliminates the need for envelopes and sealing resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

What are the benefits?
Efficiency: It streamlines the entire payroll process from printing to distribution, with no need for envelopes. Payslips can be printed, sealed, and sent in a single pass.

Cost savings: By eliminating the need for envelopes it reduces the stationary cost associated with traditional printing methods. It also reduces labour costs and increases productivity.

Security: They feature built in security features such as tamper evident seals and micro patterns to protect sensitive employee information, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the data throughout the printing process.

Accuracy: It reduces the risk of errors associated with manual handling and distribution. The automated printing and sealing process ensures that payslips are delivered accurately and on time. With the addition of the camera verification system, Zunoma can ensure that the physical output from the pressure seal machine exactly matches the data file, this means there are no missing or duplicate pressure seal envelopes.

Sustainability: It reduces paper waste and has an environmental impact, aligning with sustainability initiatives and helps reduce carbon footprint.

Customisation: They can be customised to include logos and other branding elements and additional information, maintaining brand image and consistency.

Compliance: Pressure seal payslips comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards for payroll processing. Businesses can ensure compliance with data protection laws and other regulations governing the handling of sensitive employee information.

Zunoma’s pressure seal payslip printing facilities offer a convenient, cost effective and secure solution for payslip distribution. Zunoma are accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus and comply with ISO 27001 standards, ensuring that your data is handled in a robust secure environment from initial project to delivery.

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