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Our solutions tailored to you - How digital payslips will benefit your business

Posted on 15/10/2021

Automating essential payroll processes can be a daunting prospect but it is undoubtedly the simplest and easiest way of increasing the efficiency of your payslip distribution services.

At Zunoma, we offer a complete electronic and printed payslip service.

We work with several FTSE 100 companies and worldwide organisations to provide everything from self-service web portals and pressure seal pay advice slips to P60 & P11d tax forms.

With a catalogue of products and services built to simplify and simultaneously increase security, you can rest assured that we deliver reliable and trusted solutions.

By using innovative technology and continually investing in the development of our equipment, we can ensure that we are treating confidential and sensitive information with the utmost care and attention. Our payslip services were recently featured in the September 2021 issue of The Business Owners Checklist, distributed with The Telegraph. Read more, here.

The benefits of digital payslips

Completing digital transformations in any area of your business will demonstrate resource and cost-saving efficiencies, and outsourced payslip services are no different.

Although we offer payslip distribution services for both traditional and electronic payslips, there are some definite benefits to the digitisation of payslip services. We’ve put together some reasons we would recommend an e-payslip distribution service for your company.  

  • Improved security – Electronic payslip services increase the security of private employee data. Password-protecting information adds an additional protection element to confidential information you would not get from physical payslips.
  • Cost savings – Time, resources and postage all cost money. By reducing the required manual input from the payroll team and digitising the distribution element of payslips, you can save your business an enormous amount of money.  
  • Accessibility – In times like these, accessibility has been highlighted as a real pain point for most businesses. Electronic payslips allow your payroll team and other employees to access their documents remotely, without compromising security.
  • Optimised experience – Improved availability through digital access means that all documents are readily available on one simple system. Employees are also more likely to be compliant with information requests if the process of submitting the information is quicker and easier.  
  • Real-time updates – With an online system, any errors or amends can be made seamlessly, improving information accuracy. This also prevents wasted resources and enables the streamlining of data-handling processes.
  • Environmentally friendly – By moving to the delivery of e-payslips, you will significantly reduce your company’s contribution to paper waste, increasing sustainability and minimising environmental impact.

Tailored to you

One of the key elements of assured security is trust. In this instance, appearance counts and will immediately resonate with an individual, building trust within the platform.

With this in mind, our bespoke web portal, Epayslipsecure, mirrors your website’s branding and employee intranet, seamlessly integrating into your existing systems.

Epayslipsecure works with all established payroll software, meaning there is no need for any additional installations, it simply works as an extension of your existing system with an identical appearance.

Epayslipsecure also works as a two-way communication tool, with the functionality of a company intranet and employee self-service facility.

This means that both employers and employees can access all payroll-related data at any time. From P60s, P11Ds, past payslips, sickness and holiday forms, to documents like staff handbooks and health & safety information.


Have you thought about outsourcing your payslip distributions? Learn more about our comprehensive payslip and e-payslip distribution services, here.

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