Digital Transformation - Revolutionising the education sector


Digital transformation - revolutionising the education sector

Posted on 27/10/2021

As many businesses take the time to recover from the pandemic, it is now more important than ever to make reflections on the events that have unfolded and understand how to optimise services in the future.

One of the largest shifts worldwide was to the education sector, seeing over 1.2 billion children forced to adapt to learning online. With the rise in e-learning, there has been an increased need to provide digitally accessible certification and validation.

The Open University cites the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), suggesting that COVID-19 has been a ‘quintessential adaptive and transformative challenge’ to the education sector, one of which will have a lasting impact on the technicalities of how it is run.

How are we aiding digital transformation in the education sector?

Pre-covid we were actively delivering a suite of services, ranging from design, print and personalisation to end-to-end mailing services for education-related documentation.

We have an in-house team of digital transformation experts available to help customers through their transitions to digital-based services.

Dinah Ouzman, Director of Strategy & Product Development, said: “Our digital transformation experts have already successfully begun the process of guiding many of our customers through the transition to digital certification, with a vast majority saying they recognise this shift.”

It has been reported that several universities have already embraced a hybrid certification solution, including both print and digital services as part of the delivery of education certificates.

We acknowledge that this significant shift in digital services as an addition to, or in some cases replacement for more traditional services, is not taken lightly. With this in mind, we have several secure solutions that enable seamless transitions to digital-based services.

Not only do we offer a digital certification service for the education sector, but a comprehensive verification service equipped with encrypted features for prospective employers.

We understand that contacting educational establishments to verify the qualifications of potential employees can be a lengthy process that adds pressure to resources. Our verification service is solution-driven, integrating customer data and encrypted features to create a solution that can be verified both online and offline.  

Our secure digital and print services are trusted by examination bodies, educational establishments and awarding bodies to design, print and deliver examination certificates, registration forms, results slips and other documentation.

Some advantages of digital certifications include

  • Encrypted communications (emails/login/online transactions)
  • Protection of personal data for increased privacy
  • User friendly
  • Little involvement required from administration teams
  • Reduced cost & easier to manage

Learn more about how our digital solutions can create cost-efficiencies and drive digital transitions in your education-based environment for effective, longstanding results.

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