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Reducing our carbon footprint

Posted on 12/11/2021

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as part of reducing environmental impact, increasing positive social impact, and driving sustainable profitable growth. Taking a comprehensive approach, considering not only the elimination of carbon footprint but also reducing energy consumption, emissions and waste, the environmental relevant aspects of our processes are dealt with within the context of our total Internal Management System (IMS).

The Environmental Management System has been audited and found compliant with ISO 14001. Our environmental goals are formulated and monitored by our IMS Manager, through a process of continual development where we work relentlessly on reviewing our processes and introducing new ways to improve on what we print and how we print, whilst balancing operational needs with sustainable practices.

Having been at the forefront of the print industry for decades, we understand the government’s targets for carbon reduction over the coming years and how we can help play our part.  

The full Environmental Policy and Management System can be viewed on request however, we have outlined core areas of this below, which would relate to both these contracts:


A key factor leading to recent reviews and reforms is the impact of the global pandemic. This has forced us to look closer at the way we do business and the innovations through which we can implement change.

• Remote Working: Our sales force are currently working remotely, and this is set to continue. Successful integration of Microsoft 365 has been utilised, especially internationally, which has led to a dramatic 80% drop in air travel. We have targets for reducing this air travel by 18 –   25% in 2022 against 2019.

• Fleet: We have run two mid-sized, diesel, transits with current milage set at 20,000 miles per year,

• Local Recruitment: Skilled staff are recruited where possible locally with 80%of our total workforce and 100% of the production staff living within 15miles of the premises. We encourage uptake with local employees through links with education and the work of our dedicated CIPD Enterprise Advisor who supports schools and colleges strategically to bring together businesses with education.

Carbon Offsetting

We participate in a scheme to reduce Carbon Footprint within the local business community. Eastbourne County Council has pledged to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 and Zunoma is stepping up to the challenge. More information can be viewed, here.

We have combined targets from our ISO 14001 Management System with our Carbon Neutral Pledge and are investing in the education and development of our employees and their own Carbon Footprint.  We encourage open conversation and have ensured that communication points and methods are accessible to all, using minimal printed material do so. As part of our mission, we are reviewing our supply chain and asking them to take their own Pledge.

Energy Consumption

At Zunoma, we are committed to improving our buildings energy consumption and footprint. Additions in recent years have included:

• Installation of LED lighting installed across all premises alongside sensor switches in low traffic areas. This led to a reduction of light wastage by 65% (2019).

• Gas Management System (Vickers) helps Zunoma to utilise only what energy is required, reducing the Gas consumption by 18% per annum and reducing CO2 emissions by 8 tonnes per annum.

Asset and Waste Management

Waste is maintained under several contractors, maximising the chance for recycling, reuse and repurpose capabilities.

• Xerox Recycling Scheme: old cartridges and drums are collected for reuse or repurpose.

• DS Smith: Recycle and repurpose paper waste.

• WEEE: All batteries and electricals are regularly recycled with all electricals and hardware handled separately to other waste in line with WEEE Policy.

• Duplex Printing: To minimise our office paper usage, we employ duplex printing as a standard.

• Product life Extension: All our plants are retained under maintenance contracts to ensure we are seeking end of life rather than replacement.

Supply Chain

We make it our business to seek solutions that mitigate environmental risk and ensure that we are buying from equally responsible corporations. This is most common when reviewing the paper industry. Our main source of supply comes from FSC, or PFC approved mills and any other requirements are tendered for from a series of pre-approved suppliers. Our Supply Chain Manager conducts due diligence and annual reviews for compliance. Zunoma demand materials with a low environmental footprint, which aligns with our own policies.

Digital Transformation

In recent years we have invested heavily in the development of digital offerings, expanding our product range, to include new security measures that ensure data safety. In doing so, we have reduced our clients own environmental impact, by offering reduced paper products and digital delivery systems which eliminate the impact of mailings and waste.

Our digital innovations align with our current ‘green objectives’. We invest in new environmentally friendly technologies when purchasing new equipment, conducting operations, and purchasing supplies. Our latest addition to the Plant list the Nipsen Varypress 200, was reviewed for its energy efficiency and rating, which always forms part of our change management strategy.

Examples in operation

We ensure that all products offered are within the ethos of our Corporate and Social Responsibility Charter. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the works by utilising the most efficient process, which will minimise waste and recycle or reuse any or all by-products. We:

• Where possible, use direct mail services or our own small fleet rather than indirect courier hubs.

• Source raw materials from known and environmentally approved suppliers.

• Offer options that can include digital solutions which are safely developed in-house.

• Reuse pallets and boxes that pack raw materials to package finished products. We aim to work directly with customers to meet individual needs and targets and believe in mutually offsetting our carbon balance through a process of continuous improvement.

To find out more about our sustainability targets, you can request to view our Environmental Policy and Management System document. Contact us, here.

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