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Zunoma predicts 2022 security print trends

Posted on 14/02/2022

Our latest press release.

Following the recent announcement that the global printing industry is forecast to reach $821 billion by 2022[1], print security firm, Zunoma, is predicting what trends will drive this year’s growth and what changes the industry will have to adapt to this year.

Here are Zunoma’s top three predicted trends for 2022:

Sustainable printing methods

Sustainable printing methods will continue to dominate the market this year as businesses look to improve their corporate sustainability targets and invest in genuine sustainable solutions.

Following last year’s Climate Change Conference (COP26) and the ongoing sustainability focus from businesses and individuals around the world, printing organisations must deliver technology services with a lower environmental impact, as well as reducing paper waste. One example for technology services could include switching to cloud-based platforms, which can unlock new methods for measurement and monitoring that can impact office environments. Shifting customers from office servers to cloud-based servers present the opportunity to reduce IT consumption of energy and related carbon emissions. 

Zunoma is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has invested heavily in the development of digital services, expanding its product range to offer digital versions of existing products, with the emphasis on secure data storage as well as reducing energy consumption.

Lorraine Willis, Head of Quality at Zunoma said: “At Zunoma, we participate in a scheme to reduce carbon footprint within the local business community, with the same pledge as Eco Action and Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce to be Carbon Neutral by 2030.”

Steve Williamson, Head of Procurement at Zunoma, adds: “When purchasing new equipment and supplies, we are constantly reviewing the UK and global market and only invest in state of the art, environmentally-friendly technologies.”

Printing remains critical

With sustainability high up on the agenda, many businesses will favour digital options and begin to make a shift away from hard print copies, however, in some organisations printing still remains critical. In a recent survey by Quocirca,44% of IT decision makers expect office print volumes to increase and 41% think home print volumes will rise over the next twelve months[2].

With the recent pandemic prompting a major change to many public service sectors moving online, Zunoma recognised the need for documents to become more digitally accessible. The election period is approaching and statutory requirements and materials for voting will continue to be of importance, especially with security protection being at the forefront of decisions. 

In addition, online payslips and digital certificates became increasingly popular throughout 2021, and it is thought this will continue into 2022.

Dinah Ouzman, Director of Strategy & Product Development at Zunoma, said: “There has been a huge shift to digital across many sectors since the start of the pandemic and the education sector has seen the most change.

“However, when it comes to the public sector and the businesses that rely heavily on printed documents, it is clear that print options will remain the leading solution.”

Hybrid working

Hybrid working is expected to become the new normal for the majority of businesses, with 63% of people having no pressure to return to the office[3]. Many workers will find themselves working between the office and from home and it is vital for employees and businesses to stay connected, but also to feel secure.

At a technological level, business leaders recognise that with the new way of working there are increased security risks. Almost 50% of IT leaders say their organisation’s cyber security isn’t good enough for remote working, according to a recent study in Business Leader[4].

As we look to 2022, the cybersecurity threats that took advantage of this remote work dynamic will receive even further attention. So, there will be growing interest in applications and services providing end-to-end encryption and multi-factor user authentication. A cloud-ready connectivity solution will grow in importance because of its ability to provide this type of security without jeopardising organisational scalability or flexibility.  

Zunoma offer secure software solutions for the most sensitive of documents, allowing workplace documents to be accessed securely from remote destinations. Extending managed print services to the home environment will ensure that businesses can manage and secure a hybrid and agile print infrastructure. As organisations accelerate their digitisation initiatives, flexible and scalable integrated print and capture solutions will be key to driving employee productivity.

Steve Hancock, Director of I.T. and Digital Services at Zunoma, said: “Keeping sensitive information secure from theft in a digital world isn’t easy. There are many ways that data can land in another individual’s data management systems.

“At Zunoma, we specialise in managing and securing various types of company data through our print and digital services, giving our customers the reassurance that we’re keeping their documents protected.”

Key takeaways

Organisations can reduce costs and institutional harm of a cybersecurity hack by investing in upgraded hardware and software, or by putting trust into a company that can independently manage security and print within an organisation that works to protect their company, customers and the entirety of their data.

Zunoma is flexible and can accommodate the changing needs of a business’s digital and print security needs. Zunoma work with several FTSE 100 companies and worldwide organisations across a wide range of sectors to provide a comprehensive range of security print features using innovative and technological solutions to combat forgery and counterfeiting.

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