How ‘precise and exacting’ focus on statutory requirements


How ‘precise and exacting’ focus on statutory requirements avoids rejected ballots

Posted on 03/03/2022

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With campaigning well underway ahead of the local elections on 5 May 2022, digital-print security firm, Zunoma, is helping to ensure ballot papers and election materials meet the statutory requirements demanded in the UK.

In a report from the Office for National Statistics published in December 2020, there were 49.1 million local government electoral registrations in the UK, one of the highest numbers recorded. Ballot papers and other voter materials must not create barriers for the public when making their mark. Poorly designed voter materials can contribute to ballot papers being rejected, cause voter confusion and ultimately, lead to the outcome of the election not being a true reflection of the electorate’s choice.

Before printing ballot papers, intensive quality control measures by both the council and the printer are carried out. All ballot printing needs to be undertaken in line with precise control instructions, covering authorisations to print and transfer material, quantities, content, security and distribution.

Statutory requirements for printing ballot papers are vital. Some of these requirements include, unique identifying marks printed close to each other on the back of the ballot paper, and a registered emblem printed adjacent to and to the right of the candidates’ details.

On its website, The Electoral Commission shares details of investigations into the local authorities and organisations which have failed to produce electoral materials that follow statutory requirements. These failures are publicised to highlight the importance of following the correct procedures. Some of these investigations look at failing to add imprints, important campaign information missing and failing to deliver invoicing in time.

Zunoma successfully produces electoral materials for both UK and overseas elections for decades. It is a member of the Elections Suppliers Group and works closely with councils, government officials and other key electoral suppliers to ensure all statutory requirements are met, to increase the security of materials and improve lead times for projects.

Jaime Gower, Elections Project Manager at Zunoma, said: “As a leading provider of end-to-end elections, ballot and voting services, and with experience of working with government organisations and electoral commissions around the world, we understand the importance of maintaining the legitimacy of the electoral process.

“At Zunoma, we work with electoral administrators and returning officers to produce election materials that meet precise and exacting legislative requirements. We advise and support councils with their data protection obligations, ensuring the efficient and lawful delivery of well-run elections and complete integrity in the electoral registration process.”

Kim Beaumont, Electoral Services Team Manager at Winchester City Council, said: “Since 2014, Zunoma’s seamless approach to accurately creating and printing all election materials has been essential to the success of our elections. The added layer of protection that Zunoma give us throughout the process help us improve the lead times for our projects, making proof approval, document workflow and reporting increasingly more efficient.”

As elections print and mailing experts, Zunoma is experienced in delivering to tight deadlines and budgets, providing confidence that elections services are compliant with electoral law and secure.

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