Strengthen your online security, Russia continues to attack


Strengthen your online security as Russia continues to attack Ukraine

Posted on 06/04/2022

Our latest press release.

After the recent statement by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) calling for UK organisations to bolster online defences[1], digital security firm Zunoma is highlighting the importance of protecting confidential information as many continue to work from home.

Almost 50% of businesses and over 25% of charities suffered a breach of security from 2020 – 2021 alone and of those that were identified, around a quarter said that attacks occurred at least once a week[2]. As the risk of cyber security threats and cyber-attacks heighten internationally, it is vital for businesses to have the highest level of protection.

Following Russia’s recent attack on Ukraine, the NCSC has called for UK organisations and businesses to strengthen all online defences. Although there are currently no direct

threats to UK organisations, there has been a historical pattern of cyber-attacks against Ukraine with international consequences[3].

With the digital landscape constantly changing, it is essential for businesses to keep up with the changing security risks and the security measures needed to counter this. As remote and hybrid working becomes a fundamental part of modern life and individuals continue to access workspaces through multiple networks, there is a heightened risk of confidential information being leaked. As such, there is a need for secure digital solutions to ensure there are no security breaches and to boost defences.

Zunoma continue to invest heavily in the development of multiple digital services, specifically implementing stringent security measures to ensure all data is stored safely. Zunoma specialise in helping businesses move to secure digital platforms that integrate seamlessly into a business’s existing systems, meaning there is no need to change software. Not only does outsourcing online communication and digital services give a business access to an expert security team with robust software but there also room for significant cost savings.

Steve Hancock, Director of IT and Digital Services at Zunoma, said: “Outsourcing digital solutions is a secure, cost-effective choice for businesses, giving companies more time to focus on day-to-day operations with peace of mind that the most secure solutions are being used for their business.

“As experts in digital transformation, we have a reputation for reliability and delivering a personal service. Our values are centred around data security, and you can be assured that your business’s confidential data is in safe hands.”

Following the NCSC’s announcement, Zunoma continues to accommodate the everchanging requirements of a business’s digital security needs. Zunoma is fully flexible and work with several FTSE 100 companies and worldwide organisations across a wide range of sectors to provide a comprehensive range of products that combat forgery and counterfeiting risks.

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