Why outsourcing print solutions could help businesses save money!


Why outsourcing print solutions could help businesses save money and resolve supply chain issues

Posted on 22/06/2022

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Leading security print firm, Zunoma, is encouraging businesses to outsource print solutions to help save money following the recent announcement that half a million small businesses could run out of cash within weeks[1] as the cost-of-living crisis continues.

Since the beginning of 2022, paper prices have increased by 14%[2] and ink prices are set to rise by almost 50%[3]. Additionally, a backlog following the pandemic has overwhelmed the capacity of supply chains, causing the price of freight to soar as it struggles to keep up with demand.

The Bank of England announced that inflation is likely to rise to 10% later this year[4] and three quarters of small and medium sized companies are worried about the long-term impact on businesses[5]. With interest rates rising, businesses are not only facing an increase in expenses for the price of paper and ink, but also maintaining equipment, labour, and energy costs. As such, business owners are being forced to cut costs and overheads, while still providing a high-quality level of service.

Zunoma is promoting outsourcing to help businesses save money as day-to-day costs become increasingly more unpredictable. Although there are many benefits to outsourcing, the reduced costs may be the most attractive to business owners currently. Outsourcing can turn fixed costs into variable costs, making a business more flexible and agile when the market allows. Additionally, outsourcing saves on overheads such as office space, equipment and storage, freeing up cash flow in the process.

There are multiple other benefits of outsourcing on top of cost savings. Outsourcing gives businesses the opportunity to hire highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field for a fraction of the price of hiring a full-time employee. This in turn can give businesses access to facilities that may not have been otherwise affordable, as well as increasing efficiency.

Zunoma offers multiple outsourcing solutions, including printing, mailing and payslips. The team of experts are at the forefront of the market and have the capacity to constantly review products and customer offering to ensure maximum potential savings and quality print products. Zunoma have access to postage discounts and have long-standing relationships with multiple suppliers, giving businesses the assurance that they are receiving the best deal and an efficient service.

In 2009, a global consulting firm saved £55,000 over the course of a year by reducing resource costs after outsourcing its payslip solutions to Zunoma. The implementation of this service not only saw huge cost savings, but reduced lead times and improved efficiencies thanks to Zunoma’s bespoke, compliant and secure portal-based ordering system

Samantha Ash, Head of UK Sales at Zunoma, said: “Multiple customers have approached Zunoma as they have been let down by previous suppliers who struggled to source paper and deliver the expected volumes.

“Business owners who made the switch to Zunoma have experienced efficient and reliable results and are able to focus on the day-to-day running of the business with peace of mind that we will meet deadlines both securely and on time.”

Zunoma is fully flexible and works with several FTSE 100 companies and worldwide organisations across a wide range of sectors to provide a comprehensive range of outsourcing solutions.

To find out more about Zunoma’s outsourcing solutions, please visit: https://www.zunoma.com/security-print-software/personalisation-fulfillment-mailing-solutions/

Or email [email protected] to discuss your outsourcing requirements.

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