How the new Data Reform Bill could boost British businesses


How the new Data Reform Bill could boost British businesses and better protect data

Posted on 05/07/2022

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In June, the UK Government announced its intention to change data protection laws by abolishing GDPR and introducing a new Data Reform Bill which could boost British business, protect consumers and seize the benefits of Brexit. Sussex-based security print firm Zunoma is weighing in on the proposed changes and what it could mean for businesses.

In May 2018, GDPR was first introduced in the UK following a passing in the European Parliament. However, in 2020 a Brussels report found that a lack of clarity meant many businesses struggled to successfully implement GDPR[1] and since 2018, there has been €1.4billion worth of major GDPR fines[2].

Post-Brexit, the UK Government has begun to consider a new Data Reform Bill to strengthen protection standards and give businesses and consumers more transparency on data protection laws. Notable changes could include creating a data protection framework that is focused on privacy outcomes rather than box-ticking and simplifying the rules around research for science and technology purposes.

The Government aims to create a data protection framework that is pro-growth and pro-innovation. Although there is still little detail of what this will entail, the aim will be to reduce the burdens on businesses, boost the economy, helps scientists to innovate and protect and empower the consumer[3].

The proposed changes will be beneficial for businesses and consumers alike, but it is crucial that organisations have an up-to-date and reliable data management plan to ensure they remain accountable for how data is stored, and to truly benefit from the new data protection laws.

To ensure businesses meet the proposed changes, Zunoma is encouraging the outsourcing of data management to relieve businesses from the burden of GDPR protocols and guarantee compliance.

There are also multiple benefits of outsourcing. For example, in 2009 a global consulting firm saved £55,000 over the course of a year by reducing resource costs after outsourcing its payslip solutions to Zunoma. The implementation of this service not only saw huge cost savings, but reduced lead times and improved efficiencies thanks to Zunoma’s bespoke, compliant and secure portal-based ordering system.

Steve Hancock, Director of IT and Digital Services at Zunoma, said: “The GDPR greatly increases awareness of data privacy and at Zunoma we welcome the proposed changes to encourage innovation while strengthening the UK’s reputation as a safe place for data.

“Despite this, the Government is advocating for the adoption of a risk-based approach to data processing, and this echoed in the variety and complexity we are seeing in our customer’s requirements. The suggestion that a one size fits all data security regulation is not appropriate and it is clear from the initial consultation document that the government has recognised that many businesses do not have the in-house expertise to designate a Data-Protection Officer nor to record all internal data movement.

“We continue to work with customers to review data protection laws and ensure they have a solid understanding of data protection.”

Zunoma offer a range of outsourcing solutions, ranging from printing, mailing, payroll and HR systems, payslips, financial services and many more. The team of experts are at the forefront of the market and have the capacity to constantly review data protection laws to ensure businesses remain compliant, giving peace of mind that data is being held securely so businesses can focus entirely on day-to-day duties.

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