A guide to accreditations, What each accreditation means


A guide to accreditations

Posted on 31/10/2022

When selecting a new print partner, it’s vital that they have the right accreditations in place.

These approvals ensure your print partner performs well in a number of vital areas, namely, information and data handling, quality control and environmental sustainability. There are over 24,000 accreditations available, so it can be a minefield.

What you should look for in a print partner

Having a print partner enables a business to cut the amount of time they spend on costly job management and inefficient administration. As a result a company can increase their focus on what’s important – creating and maintaining positive relationships with their customers.

Priorities include the protection of data handling, innovation, quality control and ensuring sustainability measures are in place.

One particular feature of ISO certification to note is that all recognised accreditation organisations insist on annual certification checks – always by independent auditors – to ensure printers are performing. This means that you can be happy in the knowledge that certified printer partners are not only adhering to these policies, but the policies are ingrained and being used by staff and are protected in an organisation’s processes.

What each accreditation means and why it’s important

There are over 24,000 ISO standards available so it can be a minefield to understand which relate to your print suppliers as well as your own business.

Here are some of the key certifications successful commercial printers will have in place and what the benefits are:

ISO9001 – Quality Management System

ISO9001 is the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard. In a nutshell it ensures that organisations meet the needs of all stakeholders effectively. The standard has seven core principles – customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making and relationship management. Each one of these principles are important in Zunoma’s approach to customers, staff and wider stakeholders.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

Arguably the most important to our customers, ISO 27001 refers to reviewing and maintaining information security. There are six focal points for this accreditation – defining a security policy, defining a scope, conducting risk assessment, managing these risks, selecting control objectives, and preparing a statement of applicability. In practical senses the key for Zunoma and our customers is to be laser-focused on where the risk of information security breaches lies, managing those and then implementing procedures to minimise the risk.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

The environmental impact of organisations is towards the top of most companies’ agendas, and rightfully so. ISO 14001 provides a framework for companies to improve their environmental management efforts. It is designed to regulate the companies’ environmentally friendly methods and provides a framework for effective processes that minimise a negative impact.

Cyber Essentials

Following on from ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that helps to protect organisations against the most common cyber attacks. Whilst these attacks come in many shapes and sizes the vast majority are basic and carried out by unskilled individuals. Cyber Essentials certification means that we’re protecting ourselves from these would-be criminals and minimising the risk of data breaches.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance Certification is a way of demonstrating that your processing of personal data complies with the UK GDPR requirements, in line with a principle of accountability. Certification can help demonstrate a robust data protection policy is in place in a practical way to businesses, individuals and regulators.

Our client case study

SS&C Technologies, 2004 – present

Founded in 1986, SS&C Technologies is one of the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrators, and mutual fund transfer agency. SS&C’s unique business model combines end-to-end expertise across financial services operations with software and solutions to service.

Zunoma were able to demonstrate savings in efficiencies resulting in a reduction in real costs of over 10% per annum. In addition to the main supply of documents, we also provide additional services to the customer including stock management and security shredding.

Given the important role as supplier and custodians for their cheques we maintain and comply to the highest security features in accordance with the C&CCC guidelines to ensure that all stocks are secure and resistant to fraudulent alteration or copy. Zunoma’s ISO accreditations to 9001, 27001 and 14001 along with Cyber essentials ensure that our Quality Management systems are always to the highest level delivering continual peace of mind to SS&C and their valued clients.

So, how can we help?

At Zunoma we are proud to maintain the above accreditations and more. We continue to meet these standards and work closely with our in-house quality and compliance officer and are audited annually.

Zunoma supports a number of sectors to deliver a complete design, print, personalisation, and mailing service across a range of documentation.

We are accredited by the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company and are certified with Cyber Essentials – a government-backed certification scheme that can reduce cyber risk by up to 98.5%.

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