Looking back on 2022, With the passing of Britain’s longest


Looking back on 2022

Posted on 20/01/2023

Twenty twenty-two was a historic year. With the passing of Britain’s longest standing monarch, global supply issues, inflationary pressures, and turbulent UK politics, customers and businesses faced new challenges. As we begin 2023, we’ve round up our top stories of the year, so let’s dive in.

Our whitepaper: in partnership with the Post Office

This year at Zunoma we worked in partnership with the Post Office to deliver a secure cash dispensary solution that enables companies, local government organisations and independent businesses alike, to make easy payments to their UK customers.

The Payout and Payout NOW! Service has enabled hundreds of thousands of energy customers to redeem temporary relief funding to support the payment of outstanding energy bills, and the same service was also used to deliver emergency funds to Ukranian refugees. The service has supported more than 18.3 million individuals across 11,500 Post Office branches nationally.

The innovative technology behind financial inclusion in the UK whitepaper can be downloaded here and includes information about the development of robust financial access technologies, our commitment to cultivating secure service solutions, and the role the scheme plays during a crisis.

The new reign of King Charles III

With new bank notes, coins, stamps, and post boxes already in transition, Royal Mail released information about the King’s new cypher and how money and mail will be affected. At the end of last year the Bank of England revealed the new portrait of King Charles that will be added to new bank notes with these entering circulation by mid-2024.

A significant change this year is that non-barcoded stamps are being phased out, with Royal Mail announcing that the barcode on the new stamps will help introduce “added security features” and “pave the way for innovative services for customers”.

The potential for a new Data Reform Bill to better protect data

In June, the UK Government announced its intention to change data protection laws by abolishing GDPR and introducing a new Data Reform Bill which could boost British business, protect consumers, and seize the benefits of Brexit. This has recently been placed on pause, so as we move through 2023 we will be monitoring this news closely to see what the future holds.

The proposed changes would be beneficial for businesses and consumers alike, but it is crucial that organisations have an up-to-date and reliable data management plan to ensure they remain accountable for how data is stored, and to truly benefit from the potential new data protection laws.

To ensure businesses meet the potential changes, Zunoma is encouraging the outsourcing of data management to relieve businesses from the burden of GDPR protocols and guarantee compliance.

As we begin 2023, we’re delighted to have welcomed eight new team members to strengthen our operations and accelerate our growth plans. If you’re looking for outsourced data management, or you’re looking for a new security print partner, do get in touch today.

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