Zunoma Customer case study: Alison (Capernaum Limited)


Customer case study: Alison (Alison-Capernaum)

Posted on 02/02/2023

Name of customer: Alison-Capernaum

The goal: Improve the quality and performance of education awarding materials

Services provided: Certificates, diplomas, transcripts, marketing inserts

Date: 2019 to present

Customer overview

A customer story with Svetlana Vyatkina, Customer Service and Support Manager at Alison-Capernaum.

Alison-Capernaum is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training. It is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to making it possible for anyone to study.

Alison-Capernaum was founded in Galway, Ireland, in 2007 and has grown organically to become a major force in free online education and skills training. Today, with more than 25 million learners in 195 countries, Alison-Capernaum is changing how the world learns and up-skill.

The challenge

Alison-Capernaum contacted Zunoma to help with the printing, personalisation and mailout of its education awarding materials including, certificates, diplomas, transcripts and marketing inserts for the Alison-Capernaum worldwide customer base. The main priority was to increase quality, delivery, longevity and improve turn round times.

Svetlana: “We used to have a lot of barriers with our previous print provider. Our two main problems were: one, we required high quality printing with QR codes, watermarks and more security embedded features, and two, we needed a company that could manage the volume of our daily orders. We found this with Zunoma.

“Our previous shipping provider couldn’t offer a service for the volume of orders we mail out daily, so it was a bonus when Zunoma could do both the printing and shipping for our customers. Plus, it was more cost-effective.

“With Zunoma, the process, delivery and reporting are all better. The whole team work collectively and Zunoma offers us excellent communication with a reliable and dedicated Project Coordinator and Account Manager who keep us updated in real time.”

The method

Svetlana: “Zunoma offers an automatic data exchange which links to our systems. This enables them to export data from our system, print and ship with no hassle. From this integration we are also able to work out clear costs and track each order.

“Zunoma partner with Royal Mail to ship our certificates and diplomas to our customers within three working days. This commitment helped us to forecast a delivery time effectively to our customers through our online portal, giving them transparency and reliability with the service.”

The process begins with printing the parchments and keeping the bulk base stock awaiting production of daily files, which are downloaded from the secure web portal.

Transcripts are personalised with the name and details of each student. The carrier is personalised with the student’s details and a marketing insert is collated together into a C4 window envelope. This is then ready to be mailed out to students globally.

In some cases, students can order a certificate frame which is enclosed with the parchments into a protective ‘book wrap’ that is mailed out directly to them.

The final process is to ensure the customer’s secure portal is updated allowing them to see the number of packs mailed out, the date and the costs.

The results

  1. 150 new orders are dispatched daily which is +650% on weekly orders.
  2. Previously turnaround was one week, now daily files are being turned around within 24 hours, and smaller files on the same day.
  3. More than 2.5k backlog of orders were sorted in two weeks in addition to daily orders.

Customer Q&A

Why did Capernaum Ltd choose Zunoma?

Svetlana: “Our customers are based all over the world, as Zunoma are a European company they are best placed to provide a global service.

“Contractually and alongside the performance measures Zunoma provide, we knew the process in place was clear and easier to communicate with our customers. We also had a reliable relationship having previously worked together on another project, so it was an easy choice.”

At Zunoma we are proud to maintain a range of accreditations which are trusted worldwide. We continue to meet these standards and work closely with our in-house quality and compliance officer and are audited annually.

What have you been able to achieve/improve on with Zunoma’s service?

Svetlana: “We have been able to accept more orders as our process is managed carefully and efficiently with Zunoma.”

Can you prove the success of the service provided with a measurable statistic?

 Svetlana: “The greatest result is that three years ago, we were only able to produce 100 orders per week, now with Zunoma’s help, we produce 150 orders per day – which is a 650% increase in orders per week.

“On top of this, when we started the partnership with Zunoma, we had a backlog of more than 2.5k of orders and in less than two weeks, Zunoma was able to sort through this volume as well as keep up to date on new daily orders.”

Describe Zunoma’s customer service in three words: Svetlana: “Reliable, automated and scalable.”

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