Refunds and Cashback, A simple, secure and inclusive way


Refunds and Cashback

Payout – In conjunction with the Post Office

A simple, secure, inclusive and accessible way for your customers to receive cash from a Post Office branch.

Payout makes it easier for you to issue payments, incentives, energy top ups or refunds to your customers without the time and the cost of issuing cheques or making payment transfers. It allows you to deliver cash payments using barcode technology to your customer’s mobile phone or email address.

How it works

Vouchers are requested by uploading a data file onto the web portal. Once verification has confirmed that funding is in place, the file is processed and the vouchers are issued using the agreed method.

The recipient can then visit any Post Office branch (there are 11,500) and present the barcode, there is no need for a bank account as the payment is made in cash.

Payout NOW!

Immediate Cash disbursement requests

Payout NOW! is a premium service for immediate Cash disbursement requests. With all the same benefits as Payout, this service is able to promptly distribute vouchers in real-time via the chosen method.

  • For exceptional or emergency payments
  • A simple, secure, inclusive, and accessible way for your customers to receive over the counter funds from a Post Office branch
  • No minimum or maximum encashment values
  • Customer identification verified by professional and highly trained staff

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