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Share Certifications

Share certificates are official documents issued by UK companies that are made available to each shareholder. These documents act as their legal proof of ownership or a certain number of shares, the value of those shares and the type of shares owned in a specific company. Although in recent years these certificates are being made accessible in digital formats, there is still a need for many companies to print secure papers designed to fight certificate fraud. 


Innovative techniques

Security features

At Zunoma, we have extensive experience printing share certificates and we can use a number of printing technologies to ensure security. Some of the many security features we can use include:

  • Bespoke holograms
  • Controlled watermark papers
  • Innovative and highly secure inks
  • Company branding within complex design
  • Microtext
  • Digital personalisation

Honest expertise

Working with you

We are fully equipped to handle all your design and production needs. Our experienced team members will provide you with the best advice and support during your project. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet very tight deadlines and work in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

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