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Postal Voting Packs

With extensive experience working with local authorities and elections around the world, we understand the importance of election materials and have successfully worked on local, national and international election projects. 



Design, print, personalisation and dispatch

Market-leading products

In recent years we have developed a number of market-leading products which have enhanced the accuracy and response from postal voters by providing a clear and easy method of marking and returning a completed postal vote. Covid-19 has seen a dramatic rise in the request for Postal Voting Packs.

Our complete in-house production capability includes design, printing, personalisation and dispatch combined with a fully secure data handling facility which ensures complete control throughout every project.

Our sophisticated mailing systems can adapt to very high or low volumes always with the same result – on time delivery without exception. We are proud members of The Cabinet Office Elections Supply Group and pride ourselves on our ability to meet very tight and immovable deadlines.

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