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The Importance of Digital Services in the Digital Age

Posted on 25/06/2021

In a world that is evolving in the digital space on a daily basis, it is important to understand our customer’s needs and meet their growing demands for digital process completion. By offering exclusive online services that can substitute traditionally manual processes, we are helping our customers remain efficient in the delivery of their objectives, all the while reducing costs and improving security.

A Forbes article written about the role of data in digital transformation stated: “The companies that aren’t continuously reinventing their business – with data at the core – will end up watching from the sidelines while their market is disrupted.”

Regardless of many businesses being forced to embrace digitisation throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in a unique position. We have been researching digital processes and implementing them into our catalogue of available services for years, just one of the reasons we are able to guarantee prioritised security across all our service delivery platforms.

Streamlining processes without compromising on quality

We take the time to listen to our customers. Through continued customer research and feedback, we know that quality and security are extremely important elements of the services that we offer.

Now more than ever, our customers are under enormous pressure to continue delivering their products and services with increased efficiency to account for restrictive conditions, making it even more essential that their experience with our digital services is smooth and secure.

Some of the secure digital services we offer are –

The digitisation of services has enabled us to streamline our customer’s processes, in addition to adding services that were not available before in a print capacity.

Our ability to work with existing payroll software to migrate data to digital payslips (which includes an online communication tool) saves our customers the expense and inconvenience of installing new software. Additionally, our digital solutions are integrated with the ability to include historic data and streamlined branding, in as little as 4 weeks.

Saving our customers time and money without compromising on quality and security, we have worked closely with several organisations to expand the reach of their predominantly printed services through digital platforms, resulting in optimised communications and data management solutions.

Why this is important for the future

Embracing digital services in the digital age is extremely important for growth. By continuously investing in new technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve security, Zunoma is at the forefront of online communication and digital personalisation services.

As we continually integrate our services into comprehensive processes that are compatible with digital delivery platforms, we are upholding our promise to ensure the highest quality security print and digital transformation services are available, worldwide.

This investment ensures that we are well placed to continue delivering our optimised services to customers for years to come.

How we are ensuring the security of our processes

“The adoption of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and ultimately the success of any digital transformation demands two critical elements: trust and understanding of data enabled through effective data quality and governance initiatives.” – Forbes 

Through extensive research, continued testing and technology investment we are able to implement advanced processes throughout the course of data delivery that improves the user experience and enhances overall security.

Through digitisation, data is held with more secure processes in place to protect personal information with passwords, this further improves the efficiency of data retrieval for those with the correct access permissions.

This ensures that we can run our platforms seamlessly while reviewing and applying adjustments to the data process, enabling us to use our innovative technology solutions to combat forgery and counterfeiting.

Here at Zunoma, we offer a secure web portal called eShare which supports data uploads, proof approval, and digital copies. Only chosen administrators are given access to the portal, ensuring secure management of data and sensitive information. This system enables us to provide bespoke reporting that works in conjunction with Royal Mail’s ‘Mailmark’ and other downstream providers to offer full tracking facilities, allowing the collation of different forms and letters to be matched accurately. This ultimately achieves noted benefits, such as proofing efficiencies, reducing mailing costs and increasing accuracy.

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